« A brand, men, a common history : the passion of a profession »


Founded in 1904 in Limoges, it is on this historical land of the tannery and manufactured shoes’ industry, that Mr. Lalet Raoul (LR which will become Heller) specializes in large scale production of upper shoes wich would be delivered to the boot makers who at his point were only working tailored.


After the First World War, the company orientates to the production of “charentaise” commercialized under the brand "Dr. Heller" which wich lasted in the 1980’s.

It is at this time that Heller create the interior shoes’ concept and leads its production towards high-range articles. Cooperation are accomplished with creators like Pierre Cardin, Paco Rabanne or Louis Féraud.

Heller is now a reference brand for interior shoes and ballerinas and never ceases to evolve in order to ensure that the softness, comfort and esthetic live up to their reputation.